Nightly/Weekly/Monthly Data Science Reports

Our monthly pricing, listed below, includes custom Data Science reports for each of the sources you have subscribed to. Once you have setup the integration for each source, you will receive a nightly, weeekly, and/or monthly PDF report which is sent to the e-mail address you provided or you can view each custom report online. Please visit Our Sources page to view the available sources we offer integrations and data analysis for.

Each source is different and we provided specific insights geared towards each source. For example, for Google Analytics source integrations we might use K-Means Clustering to identify similar characteristics of your online shoppers and group them in like-minded categories for further analysis(ie: demographics, keyword similarities, those likely to buy, etc). In addition, if your Google Analytics is configured on Shopify, we could combine data points between both platforms and provided meaningful insights via our generated PDF reports to further assist you in making precise data-driven decisions.

Our Data Science reports are customized to each customer. Please call us at 970-315-2990 if you wish to discuss further how we can help you make data-driven decisions with a FREE Phone Consultation.